Ceramic Magnets San Gabriel ValleyFerrite magnets also known as ceramic are the lowest cost of the permanent magnets but offer good demagnetization resistance.

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Manufacturing: Sintered or Injection Molded

Sintered- The magnets are pressed followed by sintering this unmagnetized magnet. The magnet can be wet or dry pressed. Wet pressing offers higher magnetic properties but yields poorer physical tolerances. Typically, for grades 1 and 5 are dry and wet for grade 8 or higher.

Injection Molded- The magnets are molded mixing Ferrite powder into a compound and then just like plastics processed by an injection molding machine. Injection Molded magnets produce complex shapes with tighter tolerances. The properties are the same or lower than the grade 1 Ferrite.


Most magnetic assemblies are fabricated by bonding the magnets with adhesives. They also can be fastened mechanically. Either process or combined will reasonably withstand the environmental impacts. Press fits are not recommended due to the brittle conditions of ferrite magnets.

Common Applications for FERRITE Magnets

Ferrite magnets are the most commonly and widely used in applications such as: arc shapes, motors, magnetic chucks/couplings, sensors, latches, speakers, badge holders, crafts, magnetic therapy, novelties, toys and much more.

Ceramic (“Ferrite”)

Magnetic Properties

GradeBr (Gauss)Hc (Oersteds)Hci (Oersteds)BH max (MGOe)Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)Temperature Coefficient of Br (%/°C)Density (Lb/in3)

Ceramic (“Ferrite”)

Physical Properties

DensityBending StrengthCompressive StrengthElectrical
Resistivity (Ωm)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion1CurieTemperature
(kg/m3 )(lbs/in3)(kg/m2)(lbs/in2)(kg/m2)(lbs/in2)// M”´M(°C)(°F)
4.9 x 1030.181.4 x 1032.0 x 1049.1 x 1031.3 x 1051 x 1081.4 x 10-51 x 10-5450840

// M Parallel to magnetic orientation
”´M Perpendicular to magnetic orientation

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