SmCo Magnets Covina CaliforniaSamarium Cobalt magnets (SmCo) was the first commercially “Rare Earth” permanent magnet and is still considered to be the most chosen premium material for high performance applications.

SmCo energy levels range from 16 MGOe up to 33 MGOe. With high resistance to demagnetization and exceptional thermal stability SmCo magnets has the highest demand for motor applications. Due to its high corrosion resistance SmCo magnets do not require coating other than under acidic conditions. This corrosion resistance is also the magnet of choice (when applicable) in the medical industry.

SmCo magnets are produced sintered very brittle and prone to chipping and cracking. When features require machining, special methods are used (unmagnetized if possible) to achieve this. SmCo can typically operate up to 300 °C, at that temperature its actual performance is contingent by the design of the magnetic circuit.

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Manufacturing Method: Sintered

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Machining SmCo magnets requires “specialized methods”. Meaning using conventional operations such as: milling, turning, drilling etc. in most cases will not work. Grinders-ID/OD/Centerless/Surface with Diamond wheels and EDM’s-Sinker/Wire are most commonly used. Utilizing these methods will result in precise dimensions and tight tolerances.


Most magnetic assemblies are fabricated by bonding the magnets with adhesives. They also can be fastened mechanically. Either process or combined will reasonably withstand the environmental impacts. Press fits are not recommended due to the brittle conditions of SmCo magnets.

Common Applications for Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets

SmCo magnets typically require high strength and hold forces for applications such as: yoke assemblies, steppers, servos, magnetic bearings/couplings, Halbach arrays, magnetic resonance, sputtering, switches, relays, vacuum disposition, charged particle beam guidance and others.

Samarium Cobalt (1—5)

Magnetic Properties

JT Magnet GradeResidual Induction BrCoercive Force HcIntrinsic Coercive Force HciMaximum Energy Product (BH)maxMax. Working Temp.*
SC16157.7-8.60.77-0.867.7-8.3613-66415119415-18120-143250°C / 482°F
SC18198.3-8.90.83-0.898.0-8.6640-68819152017-19136-152250°C / 482°F
SC20198.7-9.30.87-0.938.3-8.9664-71219152019-21136-168250°C / 482°F
SC22169.2-9.80.92-0.988.6-9.4688-75516128021-23168-184250°C / 482°F
SC24169.7-10.30.97-1.039.1-9.9728-79216128023-25184-200250°C / 482°F

Samarium Cobalt (2—17)

Magnetic Properties

JT Magnet GradeResidual Induction BrCoercive Force HcIntrinsic Coercive Force HciMaximum Energy Product (BH)maxMax. Working Temp.*
9.0-9.8720-78428224021-23168-184350°C / 662°F
736-80028224023-25192-208350°C / 662°F
744-82418144025-27200-216300°C / 572°F
752-84826208027-29216-232300°C / 572°F
8.9-10.1712-80818144029-31232-248300°C / 572°F
8.9-10.1712-80815120031-32248-256300°C / 572°F

Samarium Cobalt

Physical Properties

PropertyUnitsValues SmCo (1-5)Values SmCo (2-17)
Vickers HardnessHv450 - 500500 - 600
Curie Temp TC°C700 - 750800 - 850
Curie Temp TF°F1,292 - 1,3821,472 - 1,562
Specific ResistanceμΩ ⋅ cm5386
Bending StrengthN/m21.8 x 1081.5 x 108
Compressive StrengthN/m210 x 1088 x 108
Thermal Expansion Parallel ( ∥ ) to Orientation (M)°C-16 x 10-68 x 10-6
Thermal Expansion Perpendicular ( ⊥ ) to Orientation (M)°C-113 x 10-611 x 10-6
Young's ModulusN/m21.6 x 10111.2 x 1011
Tensile StrengthN/m24 x 1073.5 x 107

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